CIP Global Chat: Finland, Lessons in Virtual Classrooms from the Frontline

[Ethioab - Ethiopia] - 29/06/2020
We want to take a moment and build a community of solidarity around the phenomenon of virtual learning we were thrust into, all around the world. Teachers, administrators, parents, and children of all ages and needs are experiencing something unique to them, but what is also a shared (...)
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Online Education Moved to Top of Agenda by Indian State after IPS Reports Risks of Unequal Access — Global (...)
In this photo dated 2014, Buda Kirsani of the Bonda tribe tells IPS how he had to walk 12 kilometres across hill (...)
[Ethioab] - 8/07/2020
Ethiopia’s democratization at risk – DW (English)
Large anti-government protests that broke out last week, following the assassination of popular Oromo musician (...)
[Ethio Sun] - 7/07/2020
Mootummaa fi Sirni kijibaan jiraatu, lammiiin akka dhugaa dubbatu eeguu hin qabu.
በሕዝብ ታክስ ከፋይ የሚተዳደረው ዋልታ selective ኦሮሞ እና ትግራዋይ ላይ ብቻ ዶክመንተሪ የሚሰራበት ሚስጥር ምንድነው? Girma Gemeda #Baanda as keessa barbaada Mootummaa (...)
[Kichuu] - 29/06/2020
Funniest sport fails | Tamil | Yaru pa nee
Welcome to yaru pa nee. Funniest sport fails ever sport fails video you will enjoy the video of funniest sport (...)
[Ethioab] - 3/07/2020
Death toll in protests over singer’s death reaches 81
Violence in several towns has taken ethinc dimensions The death toll following protests over the death of a popular (...)
[Ethio Sun] - 2/07/2020

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